CDI College Rallies to Help Haiti

January 19, 2010 | Manitoba


College teams up with local radio stations and Red Cross to raise much-needed relief funds

Winnipeg, MB - January 20, 2010 - As rescuers continue to comb the rubble in Haiti for signs of life, the city of Port-au-Prince begins its slow recovery from the 7.0 earthquake that shook the island on January 12, 2010. Since the disaster, donations from Canadians have streamed in to international charities, and CDI College hopes to give those in Winnipeg another opportunity to show their generosity to a country in need.

Teaming up with the Red Cross, CDI will host two local radio stations, NCI and Streetz FM, on Friday, January 22, 2010 for a three-hour live broadcast between 2-5pm. During the broadcast, Winnipeg citizens can drop by the campus and drop off donations for the Red Cross in the form of cheques, cash or money order. CDI will also host a bake sale during the event, with all proceeds being donated to the Red Cross.

"During the broadcast we will talk about Haiti pre and post earthquake, and what the long term help will entail," says Tahl East, Campus Director at CDI Winnipeg. "We will also focus on the work that the Red Cross does on the ground in Haiti and the importance of supporting that work."

For those who are in other areas of Manitoba, satellite locations will be set up around the province to accept donations for the Red Cross as well.

"We just couldn't get it out of our minds; the number of dead, the devastation in Haiti," says East. "We knew we had to do something and wish we could do more."

More information about where to drop off your donations in Winnipeg can be found on CDI's website. Keep up to date with campus life and events at CDI on Facebook and Twitter.


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