CDI College Has Spirit!

August 11, 2009 | Manitoba

Winnipeg, MB - August 11, 2009 - A group of adults dressed in wild wigs, each looking like Marge Simpson, was seen around the corner of Main Street and Graham Avenue on a warm summer day. Several individuals each with big hair of a different colour resemble a theatre troupe about to perform Grease. Is this a costume ball or a casting call? No, this is one of the many fun and exciting activities that students and staff participate in at CDI College.

"Who says learning new skills needs to be dry and boring?" asks Tahl East, Director of CDI College's Winnipeg Campus. "Education can be fun if you make it that way."

It is a well known fact that students and employees learn and are more productive in a positive fun environment and this is very much the case at CDI College.

"We work hard and we study hard but we play hard." East explained adding that the next staff and student spirit event this August is going to be a Jersey Day with a football/ sports theme.

Over the last year at the college, spirit events have excited and energized the Winnipeg CDI College. These events include the traditional dressing up in Halloween costumes.

"We had two categories - one for staff and one for students." East observed, adding, "The creativity and hard work of our students and staff is really great. They came up with costumes that would win any competition in Winnipeg."

"Dressing up is fun," admits one Dental Assisting student spotted carrying a tray of appetizing food to her potluck lunch, "Going back to school as an adult has a lot of stress. - Having fun school at CDI means a lot to me. We are going out on our practicum and it is a great time to celebrate getting our exams done."

Another student in Network Administration admitted he did not expect that the college was into having a hard working yet student focused environment. "Last Halloween, more people dressed up than anyone in High School. If High School would have been that much fun, I would have done better there."

Another event included a Holiday Season Fundraiser for Winnipeg Harvest which was part of a national competition for all CDI Colleges.

"Naturally, CDI College in Winnipeg won, because of the huge drive of our students and staff," East said. Explaining that fun events also can benefit the community, "We recently had a successful blood drive and Blood Marrow Donor ID Program this summer, as well earlier, we were mobilizing volunteers for the Spring Flood."

"The 80s day was my favourite," said an Accounting and Payroll Administrator student, "We dressed up like people from the 80s. The 80s candy is pretty good too."

Each month at CDI College, there is an assembly style event that brings everyone up to date with events, successful employment placements and honours successful academic achievement.

"This builds a campus community and students can mingle and meet those who may be in different programs," East said adding, "We call this day, Student Appreciation Day, in recognition of the hard work and success of our students. But really we try to make it a whole lot of fun."

CDI Students this spring were treated to a mock trial for the Legal Administrative Assistants Class. One

graduate admitted she enjoyed it but said, "The robes that the lawyers and judges wore made a classroom event feel real."

Other fun events that built up the spirit which CDI College's Winnipeg College included the Pajama Day, the Plaid Day, not to mention a Formal Day. "That was great seeing my instructor wearing a full ballroom gown. I got to wear my old high school grad dress, "admitted one Administrative Assistant student.

Visitors to CDI College in Winnipeg can spot instructors, administrators working with students to produce the

high quality graduates that Winnipeg Employers need, but some days they may be dressed up and having fun while being a first class post-secondary educational institute.


* Published in the Grassroots News


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