CDI College Growth Story: Neha, Practicum Coordinator

November 16, 2021 | Manitoba

It’s inspiring to see someone take to the vision and mission of an organization and practice it throughout their day-to-day. Neha A. lives this out. After landing in Canada less than a year ago, Neha found her first job as a practicum coordinator for CDI College Online and has since fallen in love with changing lives through education.

A Day in the Life of a Practicum Coordinator


Neha helps about 30 to 40 students from the Addictions and Community Services Worker and Child and Youth Services Worker programs find practicum placements in their communities every month.


She’s motivated to help set students up for success and loves it when she can send out her students to practicum locations. The best reward for her is getting an email from the practicum hosts telling her, “We love your student and want to hire them.”


To Neha, that just makes her day.


During her working hours, Neha is always fascinated by the vastness of Canada. She appreciates that she gets to learn about her students who are from coast to coast.


“I even have a student from North West Territories!” Neha said. “I learned so much about Yellowknife during my talks with the student.”


Overcoming Challenges of Finding Practicum Placements in Rural Communities


Remote areas have always had fewer opportunities than big cities. However, to Neha, that only posed a challenge to overcome. With thorough follow-ups and many phone calls, she was able to find opportunities for her students in rural locations.


Neha has even helped students fully relocate. She once helped a student in Edmonton who didn’t want to stay in the city. After learning about the student’s needs, she found the perfect practicum placement and helped him find resources to relocate to Calgary. The student was later hired by the practicum host and was able to settle down in the city. They were extremely grateful and has stayed in touch with Neha.



Having a master's in psychology from India, Neha has been dedicating her life to education. She worked with children with disabilities in her home country and was extensively involved in helping communities facing homelessness and addiction. She hopes to continue her philanthropic work in her new community in Canada.


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