CDI College Cares!

December 11, 2009 | Manitoba

When you think of CDI College of Business, Technology, Health Care - What comes to mind?

You may think about the fantastic educational institution just south of Winnipeg Square, a block from Portage and Main. You may also think about the great teaching and administrative staff, the incredible programs and the excellent hire rate. You may even think of the state of the art dental operatories and examination rooms and plans for future great programs.

The cornerstone, of this success, is our students! They Rock!

CDI College students in Winnipeg have had a tremendous track record for performing community service, supporting local and national charity drives and generally burn with a strong passion to improve their community as well as for those in need.

Tahl East, Director of the Winnipeg Campus of CDI College explained," Our students as well as our staff are tremendously supportive of so many community drives and activities. It is more than donating a Looney to wear casual clothes; it is actually going out and making a direct difference in the lives of others."

CDI College students have not only supported but directly organized drives to support homeless people and the agencies which assist them. "We have had a sock drive as well as several food drives. In fact, our students, many of whom are single parents, last December beat out all CDI Colleges in Canada for bringing in the most food to donate to Winnipeg Harvest." East said, "The students in our Addictions and Community Services Program are presently organizing a drive for soap to donate for the benefit of the homeless through the Main Street Project."

In fact CDI College students were not only involved with collecting food but helping to distribute it. "We had our students and staff at the food bank in Fort Rouge helping distribute it to the people who need it." East said.

CDI College students have been involved with several blood drives with the Canadian Blood Services. However, in what is definitely a positive trend, they have gone further. Chantel's Promise is a campaign launched successfully by a CDI student who herself discovered there were few donors in the Aboriginal Community. She initiated a campaign to successfully identify potential donors and was able to successfully motivate and mobilize many students and people in the community to raise awareness of this major need in the community.

Another class at CDI College successfully launched a clothes drive to assist those less fortunate as well as develop a greater awareness of what differences can be made when people work together to benefit Winnipeg. This is supported by the presence of CDI students at the Hockey Zone for Disadvantaged Children where, in co-operation with the Manitoba Moose Hockey Team, more good work was accomplished for everyone.

"Our students keep amazing me." East explained, "They never let us down. Every time there is a need in the community, our students rise to the challenge. Don't forget that many of these students are single parents with not much money and may work one or two jobs to make ends meet.

At the CDI College Pink Day in support of Breast Cancer research, students came out in droves to wear pink, donate and buy treats at a bake sale. "We were forced to start rationing," East said lightly, "to ensure that there were cakes and treats for everyone. Once again, our students really shine." At the CDI Pink Day, over 90% of students - male and female - wore pink to show their support for the fundraising, the research and in honour of friends, neighbours and family who suffered through Breast Cancer. CDI College is, and continues to be, not only an institute that produces high power graduates for Winnipeg employers but it also produces better citizens who care about Winnipeg and those who live in our city.

East summed it up, "In a College that 'Changes Lives for the Better', it is wonderful to see our students and graduates changing lives in our community for the better."

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