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Art and Design Programs

Got a flair for creativity? Here is your opportunity to work in an industry that’s constantly on the cutting edge of visual technology.

There is a growing demand for creative professionals who also possess a solid technical foundation and well-honed professional skills. Because the art and design programs at CDI College are designed with input from key employers within the industry, your program prepares you for a successful career in one of Canada’s most exciting and creative employment sectors.

Throughout this program, you’ll acquire a strong foundation in creative studies like drawing, colour, and design, along with hands-on training in the most innovative and up-to-date software used in the industry. You will also gain an expansive understanding of issues and trends within the industry and you’ll develop the skills and practical knowledge to build a successful career that’s fuelled by your own creativity.

If you’ve got a strong desire to build marketable design skills that are relevant in today’s hottest industry, then CDI College is for you.

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