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Program Duration: 52 weeks

The National Association of Career Colleges (NACC) Esthetics Program was developed to equip individuals for employment in the field of esthetics.

Estheticians work in a challenging and rewarding field. As a beauty professional, estheticians will understand what techniques and treatments best suit their clients' needs.

Students in the NACC Esthetics Program will gain knowledge in skin care and human anatomy, nutrition, and the importance of bacteriology and decontamination to both the esthetician and client.

They will gain skills and experience in a variety of services provided by estheticians, including nail technology, skin care, manicures and pedicures, make-up artistry, body treatments, and facials. An understanding of business management skills for salons and spas along with basic computer skills will also be covered.

In order to graduate and receive a diploma, students must achieve a minimum of 70% on the online NACC Esthetics Final Theory Examination.

Program Courses

EST117 - Job Shadowing Placement
Job Shadowing involves working closely with professionals for an agreed time in order to learn how aspects of the job are performed in a working environment. It can broaden the student’s skill base in customer care and understanding of management skills related to the salon and spa business. It involves the observation of specific esthetician skills as well as the day-to-day responsibilities for the safety and cleanliness of the work environment. It also provides opportunities for the student to interact with their Workplace Host and discover particular details about the field such as the rewards and challenges of the service industry.
EST116 - Career Planning & Employment Skills
This module outlines important aspects of career planning, gaining employable skills, and basic computer literacy. This module consists of 25 hours of theory and 15 hours of lab.
EST115 - Salon/Spa Business Management
This module outlines important aspects of successful salon/spa business management skills.
EST114 - Cosmetic Massage & Spa Body Therapies
This module outlines the various cosmetic massage treatments and body therapies related to the esthetic industry. This module consists of 43 hours of theory and 103 hours of lab.
EST113 - Make-up Artistry, Lash & Brow Enhancement
This module outlines the basics in colour theory, facial shapes, and features. As well as an introduction to the various techniques of professional make-up artistry, lash/brow enhancements such as tinting and lash extensions are introduced. This module consists of 40 hours of theory and 60 hours of lab.
EST112 - Manicures/Pedicures
This module provides basic knowledge and fundamental techniques required to perform professional manicure and pedicure treatments. This module consists of 10 hours of theory and 100 hours of lab.
EST111 - Hair Removal
This module outlines permanent and temporary hair removal technique and practices, and their effect on the skin. This module consists of 8 hours of theory and 40 hours of lab.
EST110 - Electrotherapy for Estheticians
This module outlines the basics of electricity enabling the learner to operate a variety of machines and apparatus used in the esthetic profession knowledgeably and safely. This module consists of 50 hours of theory and 60 hours of lab.
EST109 - Facials
This module outlines all aspects of conducting various professional facial treatments including: specific instructions on how to conduct a client consultation, prepare implements, products and treatment room, the ability to recognize and identify general skin types and specific skin conditions to determine the most appropriate treatment recommendations, classical methods of facial massage, and facial step sequences. This module consists of 68 hours of theory and 122 hours of lab.
EST108 - Basic Chemistry, Cosmetic Ingredient & Product Analysis
This module outlines the elements of basic chemistry and chemical processes as it relates to cosmetic products, their ingredients, and various formulations. Various product forms and uses in the practice of esthetics are discussed.
EST107 - Nutrition
This module outlines basic nutrition and how it can affect the health and certain conditions of the skin and body. It will also cover how certain habits can affect the health of the skin.
EST106 - Disorders & Diseases of the Skin
This unit will enable the learner to recognize common skin diseases, disorders, and disturbances; determine those that can be treated by the esthetician and those that require medical treatment.
EST105 - Human Anatomy & Physiology
This unit outlines basic human anatomy and physiology, the different body systems, and their relation to the practice of esthetics.
EST104 - Cells, Anatomy & Physiology of the Skin
This module focuses on understanding the basic structural units of the human body and the composition, structure, and function of the skin. This module also explores cell metabolism, and the affect that ageing, sun damage, and hormones have on the skin.
EST103 - Bacteriology and Decontamination
This module provides a basic knowledge of bacteria, infection, and procedures and guidelines to help the esthetician eliminate and prevent the spread of disease. IPAC and the Bloodborne Pathogen Act are covered as well as an understanding of WHMIS.
EST102 - Interpersonal Skills
This module outlines the importance of good interpersonal and communication skills in the esthetics industry. Topics such as time management, setting goals, and creating good study habits will be explored.
EST101 - Introduction to Esthetics
This introductory module outlines the history and evolution of the esthetics and spa industry, and the many career opportunities available to estheticians. It presents the importance of professional conduct, image, code of ethics, and common courtesies related to clients and co-workers within the workplace.

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