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Event Management

Program Duration: 51 weeks

Whether it’s the next community festival, your friend’s baby shower, or the company’s awards ceremony, professional event managers are needed everywhere. If you love being involved behind the scenes and seeing people laugh and smile because of your hard work, this is the perfect career choice for you.


Event management is a fast-paced field that requires a keen eye and even better organization. By pursuing the Event Management program at CDI College, you’ll gain self-confidence and teamwork skills.


Take Event Planning Courses in Ontario

CDI College’s Event Management courses cover a wide range of topics to help you develop the communications, organization, and interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in a variety of industries. Take event planning courses in the Greater Toronto Area and build on your natural creative talent for pulling together a successful party. Become adept in dealing with finances, human resources, contracts, negotiations, and everything else a professional event manager needs to master.

Event Management Program

The Event Management program at CDI College includes a student membership with the local chapter of the International Live Events Association of Canada (ILEA). Additionally, you will participate in staging projects where you’re expected to take initiative and demonstrate your newly learned skills – something that will prove invaluable once you’ve launched your career.

Program Courses

SSSO - Student Success Strategies

The purpose of this course is to optimize learning through equipping students with effective study techniques. This course also provides an introduction to personality styles that will be encountered in the workplace and allows students to practise appropriate and productive interaction between the various styles. Emphasis is placed on the types of communication that work best with each style in order to achieve a good working relationship and to manage and resolve conflicts that arise. Students are also introduced to strategies for setting personal goals, managing time, and managing the stress that results from study or work and builds on positive group dynamics and setting expectations for student success

BCAO - Business Computer Applications
The first component of this course is designed to introduce students to basic computer literacy through familiarization with the components that make up a computer. Students will also look at the Windows operating system to learn how to manage a computer on a regular basis. The second component of this course will teach the basic skills required to work with a variety of business documents including the following MS Office Products Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The third and final component is designed to introduce students to considerations for living online. Students will look at what the Internet is and how e-mail has made a huge impact on communicating with others as well as look at how to find information on the Internet and avoid risk to personal security while online.
EVMO100 - Event Business Communications
Students will learn a variety of communication methods for the modern business office. Topics include written and oral communications, grammar, spelling and the communication process. Students will practice these elements by role-playing and through case studies.
BF1O - Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting - Level I

This course is an introduction to the fundamental principles and practices of accounting as a device for reporting business activity. It provides the student with an understanding of the underlying theory and principles of accounting. The construction of financial statements as they evolve from business transactions and records is emphasized using the rules of double-entry bookkeeping. In addition, adjusting journal entries and everyday transactions for both service and retail businesses are recorded coupled with the preparation of basic financial statements. Introduction to Accounting; Financial Statements and Accounting Transactions; Analysing and Recording Transactions; Adjusting Accounts for Financial Statements; and Completing the Accounting Cycle and Classifying Accounts.

EVMO101 - Introduction to Event Planning
This course introduces the field of event planning. Students will gain insight into the typical duties of an Event Planner as well as everything the special events professional needs to manage events of all kinds – from small parties to big corporate events. It covers every technique and tactic in the event planner’s skill set including design, project management, site selection and development, safety and security, food and beverage service and entertainment.
EVMO110 - Event Planning Computer Applications
For professional event planners, the newest technology is used to manage and plan their business. In this course, event design, sales and strategic meetings management software are introduced and applied, as well as throughout the program.
EVMO120 - Food, Beverage and Catering Services
To succeed in today’s competitive and sophisticated on-premise catering market, event and catering professionals must be versed in a number of business and HR skills, from basic accounting and marketing principles to working with intermediaries and suppliers. This module not only covers this but also new trends like online and social media marketing, effective menu writing, developing proposals, setting up function spaces, pricing meal functions and staffing.
EVMO130 - Event Sales and Marketing
Marketing an event goes beyond simple advertisement of the event. In order to properly market an event, the event manager needs to know and understand the needs and expectations of the customer and how the event can meet and exceed them. The key to success is doing the proper research and then developing an appropriate marketing plan to ensure that all needs and expectations are addressed. In this course, the student will learn how to develop a marketing plan and marketing strategies that can sell an event and create an excitement around an event.
EVMO140 - Event Sponsorship
In this course, we will be looking at the definition of commercial sponsorship and how to stage a sponsored event as well as how to attract, sign and keep sponsorship for any event.
EVMO150 - Supervision and Human Resources Management
This course helps supervisors hit the ground running with the skills they'll learn in this course. They will be prepared to juggle with expectations of management, customers, employees and governmental agencies.
EVMO160 - Convention Management and Exhibits
This course provides the students with the most current and comprehensive coverage of the convention industry, with an in-depth look at conventions and meetings marketing, how to successfully sell to groups, and how to service their business after the sale. The course offers expanded coverage of key industry trends, including the greening of meetings, new technology applications, social media, and the popularity of second-tier cities. The course has a significant global perspective with international examples from Canada, Asia and Europe. Additional coverage includes a self-contained module in exhibit marketing leading to managing an exhibit booth in the Event Staging Projects module.
EVMO170 - Design and Decor
This course focuses on the visual experience of an event, it will give you ideas on how to set the stage from decor, lighting and floral arrangements to menus. By giving examples of different events it will spark your imagination and get you excited about your job as an event planner. Step by step you will be taken through the whole process of planning and coordinating an event.
EVMO180 - Risk Management and Safety
Every event is subject to possible risk. This module will explore some of the potential risks that may impact an event. The focus will be on the management of the risk through compliance with legislation, sticking to the risk management plan and the implementation of a contingency plan.
EVMO190 - Entertainment and Production
This module covers a comprehensive overview of how to assess the client’s need for entertainment at an event to hiring the talent and coordinating the production details.
EVMO200 - Destination Management
Based on Destination Marketing Association International, this course is the first comprehensive course covering the basic functions of the contemporary convention and visitors bureau. Based on contributions by internationally-recognized experts, students are offered professional insights into key issues related to destination management and marketing. Global in scope, the course explores destination management and DMCs around the world.
PSKO - Professional Skills
This course is designed to equip students with interpersonal skills identified by employers as essential for success in the professional world. Using a variety of instructional methods including case studies, group exercises, and discussion, students learn and practice key communication skills.
EVMO199 - Event Staging Projects I-V
The student will integrate all the skills acquired throughout the program to five projects – both individual and group – that are scheduled throughout the entire program. Students will be provided with a choice of events to plan and stage, occurring inside the campus or controlled events outside of the college. Students will then proceed to apply their knowledge and skills to plan and stage the events, such as cultural events, open houses, meetings, competitions and student activities.
CESO - Career and Employment Strategies

In addition to learning career-oriented skills, students learn how to get a job in their chosen profession. Our Employment Services department will assist the graduate in resume writing, as well as preparing for job interviews. Our staff is sensitive to current job market trends and the needs of employers in each local market. Our graduates receive guidance and training to use career tools that help job seekers build a better resume and cover letter, manage an online portfolio, hone interviewing skills, and develop a personal brand online. Students will have the use of a computer lab which has unlimited Internet access, as well as job search resources. Facilitators will also be made available to advise on job finding resources, interview skills and techniques and to carry out mock interviews. This course also looks at the planning, preparation, execution, and follow-up stages of an interview: How people find jobs; Employer expectations; Presenting an enthusiastic attitude; Focusing on the right job and the hidden job market; Transferrable skills; Thank you letters; Effective telemarketing; Handling objections, self-confidence, and self-esteem; Individual counselling and coaching.

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