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Top Industries that are Hiring During COVID-19

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

With the current economic climate, many industries are facing employee layoffs and hiring is at a freeze. However, according to Forbes and other industry resources, there are many sectors that are still prevailing (and growing) and are currently accepting applications and new workers.


Here’s what you should focus on if you’re planning to head back to school right now:



While community and hospital pharmacies remain open, as an essential service, there is an abundance of jobs available as pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy assistants.


CDI College’s Pharmacy Assistant program will prepare you to work alongside pharmacists and process patient information with pharmacy software, maintain good levels of customer service, learn compounding techniques, and much more. In less than a year, you’ll graduate with knowledge of pharmacology, pharmaceutical calculations, and at least 100 hours of practical experience, as you complete your practicum placement.


Supply Chain Management

In addition to medical and essential workers, there is a need for non-clinical workers. According to BC Jobs, supply warehouses require supervisors, distributors, inventory and merchandising (2020).


In CDI College’s Supply Chain Management program, you will get training in inventory management and control, demand planning, transportation and freight forwarding, and much more. Graduate with hands-on experience and be prepared for a career on the frontline as a warehouse operations manager, pricing coordinator, dispatch/driver manager, and more.


Software Development & Accounting

As more provinces are practicing safe measures and working remotely, there is a steady incline in the use of video conferencing software, online meetings, and mobile collaboration services. According to Forbes, Zoom and Slack have hundreds of positions available in software development and engineering, technical support, accounting, customer service, and sales (2020).


CDI College’s Web and Mobile Application Development program will be vital in developing skills to create software and build mobile applications, while the Accounting and Payroll Administrator program will provide you with fundamental skills in preparing income statements and managing customer accounts. Whichever direction you choose, the practical skills you obtain will be critical in helping these organizations thrive.


Customer Service & Sales

As many organizations are moving their operations to online, there is a need for customer service representatives who have soft skills in customer service or service-oriented backgrounds. According to BC Jobs, many businesses are hoping to increase their customer support as platforms and services are flooded with requests (2020).


CDI College’s Business and Digital Marketing Management program will train you in effective business writing, business essentials, social media and digital marketing fundamentals, and more. As a graduate of this program, you will be prepared for a variety of career options, including entry-level marketing and sales, or customer service.


Networking & Systems

There has never been a better time to enter the realm of information technology. As many businesses have started to increase their online presence, there is an overwhelming need for support technicians, network administrators and engineers, and security professionals.


CDI College offers a variety of networking programs, including Network Systems Administrator, Network Systems Engineer, and Cybersecurity Specialist. Learn how to plan, administer, and secure networked computers, or train for a career in Help Desk Support, helping individuals and organizations troubleshoot hardware malfunctions. Now, more than ever, many online platforms suffer from security breaches and are subject to hackers. With training in cybersecurity and digital forensics, train for a career in evaluating networks for security risks and vulnerabilities. Whichever IT path you choose, there will be an abundance of jobs available as this sector continues to grow year after year.

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