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Immigration Consultant with Practicum

Program Duration: 29 weeks

If you're looking to start a new career helping new Canadians, the Immigration Consultant with Practicum diploma program at CDI College is for you. 


Accredited Immigration Consultant Program in BC 


CDI College's Immigration Consultant with Practicum diploma program is accredited by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), Canada's governing body regulating the profession.

As you progress through your many immigration consultant courses, you'll gain an understanding of Canada's Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, as well as the Citizenship Act, two areas each Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) needs to become an expert in.

When you complete the 29-week diploma, you'll be permitted to write the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)'s Full Skills Exam (FSE), and once you pass, you'll be a licensed RCIC, which is valid in all ten provinces and three territories. 


Legal Career Training with a Practicum


In the program, you'll learn all the skills that flow into becoming a successful immigration consultant.

Courses include a thorough refresher in Canadian immigration and refugee law, adminstrative law and tribunals, legal research and writing, operating your own immigration practice, ethics and professional conduct, application processes and immigration law procedures.

Prior to graduation, the capstone of this program is a 100-hour practicum placement, where you'll work in an immigration practice or government immigration service and learn the day-to-day operations of a consultancy.

Start training for a career helping new Canadians - find out more about the Immigration Consultant with Practicum diploma program today.

This program has been approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.

Program Courses

IMM101 - Canadian Immigration and Refugee Law
This module introduces students to the Canadian immigration laws, rules, policies, and procedures that are enforced and developed through Canadian government agencies, courts, and tribunals. Students will be introduced to immigration concepts such as grounds for entry into Canada, inadmissibility, permanent residency, and refugee status. Citizenship will also be discussed in detail, including how to process a Citizenship application.
IMM102 - Administrative Law and Tribunals
This module introduces students to the principles of administrative law in Canada and the tribunals that administer them. Students will be introduced to various administrative law concepts and will come to have a full understanding of tribunal processes. IRB application processes will be explored and discussed in detail. Students will also conduct a mock hearing in order to fully comprehend the advocacy skills required to practice as a consultant in this field.
IMM103 - Legal Research and Writing
This course is designed to give the students a clear overview of the skills required to perform legal research as an Immigration Consultant. Students will be introduced to various research concepts that include legal terminology, how to find the law and information related to it, and the sources used to perform the research. Emphasis will be placed on immigration statutes, regulations, and case law. Student will also be introduced to proper writing concepts in addition to presentation techniques for which they will be required to perform a presentation as part of the curriculum.
IMM104 - Operating an Immigration Practice
This course has been designed to direct the immigration consultant on how to research, open, and run an immigration consultant practice. Students will gain an understanding of the skills required to run their business while at the same time, following the rules and policies of the ICCRC and other legislative requirements. Students will draft a business plan in this course and will thoroughly research the resources required to understand this type of business.
IMM105 - Ethics and Professional Conduct
In this course, students will take a detailed look at the ICCRC Code of Professional Ethics. Throughout, students will come to understand their duties as an Immigration Consultant and learn about the nature of their work. Students will be introduced to ethical concepts that include their scope of practice, how to interpret the code, understand the expectations of the ICCRC, and how to represent their clients competently and with integrity.
IMM106 - Refugees, Protected Persons, and Application Processes
During this course, students will explore the various aspects of refugee claims and other relevant processes involved in an immigration matter. Students will be exposed to humanitarian and compassionate applications while also exploring inadmissibility, permanent resident status, and how to complete application forms relating to inadmissibility under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations. Students will also perform research on a daily basis and will be shown how to implement case strategies and how to research and develop those case strategies.
IMM107 - Immigration Law Procedures
This course will introduce students to the applicable legislative and regulatory requirements that apply to the various applications, forms, and processes involved in the practice of running an immigration consultant firm. Students will explore permanent resident applications, family and economic classes and processes, provincial and territorial programs, and the processes involved for adopting children. Students will also research, develop and implement varying case strategies in each of the areas of practice in order to gain a full comprehensive understanding of the various areas of immigration.
IMM108 - Immigration Practice
This course is partly designed for thestudents to practice what they have learned throughout the entire immigration program Students will apply their learned research skills, prepare submissions, fill in various forms and applications, and continually learn to develop case strategies for any given immigration matter. Additionally, students will learn how to properly interview their clients, manage their case files, and deal with the various required documentation and letters that are required to communicate with their clients and the various immigration departments. Labour Market Opinions and Labour Market Impact Assessments will also be discussed in detail.
IMM199 - Immigration Consultant Practicum
This practicum allows students to practise what they have learned in the program in real-life settings such as law firms, immigration practices or government immigration services. This time allows students to apply theory and skills learned while also observing professionals in practice.

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