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Losing a Job Can Be a Blessing in Disguise

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Getting laid off does not have to be the worst thing to happen to a professional. Many times, when people are faced with having to leave their jobs, they had already considered the idea of leaving themselves. Most companies are looking for a good fit for both the employee and the organization as a whole, and when it does not work out, both sides decide to pursue business relationships elsewhere.

This moment can often be a significant turning point for workers as well. If they felt stuck in a sales position, customer service job or other role that did not exactly inspire them, they can use this time to switch gears in their career and find a calling that excites them to report to work every day.

There are a few things to keep in mind after experiencing a job layoff. When people jump into the job search process, they may be unsure of how to explain their situation to recruiters, or if they should even tell them they were let go at all. Ultimately, the best approach is to be honest with the hiring manager. If the candidate does end up getting the job, it would be an unwise idea to start the position off on a lie. Instead, applicants can explain what happened and what they have done since to improve their chances of becoming successful in their next opportunity.

Before beginning the application process, students can use this in-between time to speak with a counselor or career services professional about the types of jobs they should pursue, and what kind of degree programs could help them get there. Once they have mapped out a plan and determined the specific skills they should work on, students can then get started in learning a trade and preparing for the next step of their careers.

Another smart option is to contact employers in a given field before even starting college courses or job searching. That way, students can find out exactly what type of training could benefit them in their line of work, and take the necessary classes to pick up these skills.

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