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Employers Want IT Professionals with Strong Writing Skills

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A career in the technology industry requires more than just knowledge of the intricate workings of computers. As more business communications are conducted through email, instant messaging, PowerPoint presentations and other formats, the ability to communicate clearly through writing is necessary to hold onto a position in virtually any field.

"It's a silent killer," says R. Craig Hogan, the director of the Business Writing Centre at and the author of Explicit Business Writing. "Those who write poorly are viewed as less intelligent, less educated and less competent. Those who are articulate are seen as intelligent, educated and capable."

An industry where most of the work is completed in code and short-handed language can end up hindering a professional's writing and grammar skills. To avoid avoid rejection from potential employers, job seekers can boost their writing abilities with a few tips.

Identifying the audience that the writing is geared toward can help focus the material and determine the tone to use, whether addressing a boss, a colleague or a client. Another tip that can save employees from making careless writing mistakes is rereading their work - at least once. If the message is highly important, letting another pair of eyes glance it over could help catch minor errors and overlooked mistakes, as well.

Strong writing skills are essential for today's IT professionals and so is a fundamental education. Those interested in training for a career in technology can hone their skills and knowledge in programs such as Help Desk Analyst or Network Systems Administrator at CDI College. To begin enrollment, fill out the form on the right.

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