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Brush Up on Healthcare Skills for a Medical Office Career

Thursday, September 6, 2012

As a medical office assistant, employees can gain the best of both worlds. While completing traditional administrative tasks, workers are also immersed in the realm of healthcare, learning about subjects such as biology, anatomy and physiology from their experienced colleagues. With an increased amount of technology entering the medical office, the assistant's role has evolved, requiring them to develop an even greater number of skills. Students who are interested in pursuing this type of career should have strong people skills and a good handle on medical terminology.

People Skills

Medical offices in small clinics, hospitals and even schools generally have a diverse roster of patients who report to their front desks. The medical office assistant is one of the very first individuals that these clients interact with, and sometimes, visitors' trips to the doctor could have them nervous or worried about the potential outcome of the meeting. With that thought in mind, administrative assistants should make sure to put patients' minds at ease while they are waiting in the lobby, maintaining a calm demeanor throughout their interaction.

In small offices, the assistant's role and experience with patients does not always end there. Clinical assistants may also occasionally be responsible for measuring vital signs or preparing blood for certain laboratory tests, depending on the needs of the individual. Again, staying personable throughout each interaction is important to keeping visitors happy and satisfied with their doctor visits.

Medical Lingo

Understanding what colleagues are talking about at all times is crucial to a medical office assistant who hears a variety of different anatomical terms each day. Medical letters, reports and transcriptions all possess certain phrases and keywords that should immediately stand out to workers, so that they can expedite the office's daily processes in a timely manner.

By enrolling in a program tailored to the needs of a medical professional, aspiring workers can be prepared with a strong background in medical anatomy and terminology. The courses they complete can help them recognize these terms quickly so that they do not have to spend unnecessary amounts of time reading the same medical reports repeatedly throughout the day.

Those who are interested in going back to school to prepare themselves for careers as medical office administrators can enroll in healthcare courses at CDI College. For more information on the program, fill out the form on the right.

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