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Watch Out for Common Interview Mistakes

Monday, April 16, 2012

Naturally, job interview jitters can cause interviewees to make mistakes. While some errors are more unusual than others, but there are several common mishaps to new grad should avoid when meeting with a recruiting director.

CareerBuilder Canada recently compiled a list of the most unusual job interview mistakes that hiring managers from around the country have witnessed. While some were as inexplicable as arriving for the interview in full costume, others were subtler such as candidates taking their shoes off during the interview or chewing gum.

While Information Technology (IT) professionals may not work directly with clients on a regular basis, their appearance is still important to maintain their overall reputation. IT students can impress their potential employers by dressing well, giving a good first impression and showing the company that they value taking care of themselves.

"With preparation and practice, candidates can greatly improve their interview skills," CareerBuilder's vice president of human resources Rosemary Haefner said.

IT students can practice their professional interviewing skills with their fellow classmates at CDI College. Before applying for job interviews, students can earn an education in a program that's in demand such as Programmer Analyst/ISD or Network and Administration. For more information, fill out the form on the right.

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