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Volunteer Week: Start Your Volunteering Journey with These Amazing Organizations

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

As the world is transitioning back to normal and events and activities return to being hosted in-person, our communities need the support of caring and enthusiastic volunteers to provide crucial programs and support. We have put together a list of different organizations you can start volunteering at across Canada. No matter the province, you just need to bring a positive attitude to the table to get started.


  • Canadian Red Cross

Are you ready to make a difference in someone’s life and create a better community for other people? The Canadian Red Cross is the place for you to start your volunteer journey. By helping 100,000 people across Canada each year, the organization is able to help support and lift up communities through their services. To meet new people and gain new experience, apply at Canadian Red Cross here.


  • World Vision


Make the world a brighter place by volunteering at World Vision. At this organization, Canadians contribute their time and talents to help children from all around the world. From a tech-savvy person to a polished public speaker or an admin professional, here you get to share your individual skills to support youth. Learn more here about how you can get involved.


  • MS Society of Canada


By working together, we can bring about positive change. The MS Society of Canada relies on the energy, passion, and skills of its dedicated volunteers to make our country a better place for people living with Multiple Sclerosis. As the last couple of years have been especially tough on immunocompromised individuals, let's make sure to do our part in supporting them. Find out how here.


  • WWF

    World Wild Fund for Nature is one of the biggest international organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation and environmental resilience. Here you wi’ll be playing an essential role in helping to preserve nature. You can support WWF to halt the degradation of our planet's nature and help maintain healthy wildlife for the future, keeping in mind how climate change affects our harmonious relationship with nature. Start here today.

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