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Use Volunteer Experiences as Impressive Credentials to Show Recruiters

Friday, August 10, 2012

There are a variety of ways that recent graduates can improve their job applications to showcase how well they would suit a position. Even if a candidate's past work experience is limited to only a couple of positions, they can look to their volunteer and extra-curricular activities as positive supplements that could boost their chances of landing the job.

Someone who is considering a future as a practical nurse may not even realize the amount of experience they have received over the years. A mother who actively involves herself in her children's school activities, such as field trips, lunch monitoring or classroom parties, likely has helped her fair share of young children with injuries, illnesses and situations where they needed authorized assistance. Even minor incidents could act as basic experience within healthcare. Additionally, working with children might appeal to healthcare recruiters, because that particular type of interaction requires a level of patience and expertise that many people do not possess.

Other situations that adults have experienced could also qualify as valuable preparation toward future healthcare careers, such as volunteering at nursing homes or clinics. While only a bit of training is necessary to act as a volunteer, the amount that adults can learn in this environment could be forever valuable to their role as a practical nurse.

Not only can the day-to-day tasks benefit adults by getting them accustomed to an array of basic healthcare duties, but it can introduce them to a variety of professionals in the field that may have information about available opportunities within the sector. Even if the opportunities don't lead to one's dream job, they never know when they too can refer a peer for a position that they had heard about. When it comes time for aspiring healthcare professionals to apply to various practical nursing jobs, they can recall the skills they used in these volunteer positions and impress hiring managers with their depth of knowledge outside of the classroom.

Students who are interested in putting their healthcare skills to work should also enroll in practical nursing courses at a school such as CDI College. Committed to providing quality education and up-to-date knowledge about the field, the Practical Nursing program is a great place for young adults to begin their hunt for a career path that reflects their passions. After completing the allotted amount of courses and practicum placements, as well as their own volunteer and work experiences outside of school, these students can take their registration exams confidently and be on their way toward a successful practical nursing career. For more information, fill out the form on the right.

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