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Touch-Screen Phones Can Now Have Pop-Up Buttons

Friday, April 5, 2013

A new startup company, Tactus Technology, has recently shown tech enthusiasts a new breakthrough design in smartphone keyboards. Not crazy about the touch screen? If you're one of the many  who miss their easy-touch buttons, you don't have to anymore with this new tactile keyboard that appears on your screen when you need it and vanishes when you don't. 

These physical keys pop up like bubbles using microfluidics, which is also a common form of technology used in an inkjet printer, according to CNET.

"The vision that we had was not just to have a keyboard or a button technology, but really to make a fully dynamic surface," cofounder Micah Yairi told the news source. "So you can envision the entire surface being able to raise and lower depending on what the application is that's driving it."

Whether you need a phone keypad for making calls or a computer keyboard for typing a text or an email to your college professor, this new system is projected to adapt to your needs, and should be used on devices for sale by mid-2013, according to Maclean's.

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