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Tips for Landing Your First Job After Graduation from CDI College

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Edmonton, AB – March 6, 2013 - One of most rewarding things in life is landing your first job after graduation. But how do your talents, experience, skills and education help you find a job? To be recognized as an exceptional candidate, you must start by taking responsibility for getting your talent recognized and begin the process of showcasing yourself as a valued employee.

Start with a good resume. It shows the work you’ve done, whether it’s volunteer or paid. It highlights your experience, education and skills and how these talents are transferable to the work you seek. Your resume details how your education enhances your skill set. In two pages or less, you should be able to paint a picture of your work-self. Keep it accurate, factual and free of spelling mistakes. You can get help building an eye-catching resume through the Career Services department on campus, as well as with your Optimal Resume account.

With resume in hand, talk to people who you know, but aren’t close with - your teachers, peers and other acquaintances. Share with them your job aspirations. Ask them to read your resume and get feedback on whether it showcases you for the job you are seeking. Enquire if they know anyone you should meet to help with your job search. And so begins networking - selling yourself and having people talking about you.

Now, start looking at jobs. Scan newspapers, online job boards, company websites and industry and professional association websites. Use a unique cover letter for each job you apply for as a way of linking their needs (qualifications and requirements) to your resume. At the same time, look for companies of interest. If they don’t have a vacancy now, try for an informational interview to learn about what it takes to work for the company.

Finally, make sure you leave a good impression. Follow up with a thank you email or note to anyone who takes time to meet with you, interview or help you. Soon enough, you’ll be landing your first job in no time.

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