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The Story of Emem I, Financial Administrator.

Monday, February 7, 2022

The Story of Emem I, Financial Administrator.

Emem is a woman shaped by stories. She has her life story, and she knows that the students she helps have their own as well, and she is rewarded when she is able to contribute to theirs.


Emem didn’t set out for a career in finance, in fact her story took her to university in Ghana where she studied biological sciences. After completing her studies, she found work as an office assistant, but soon discovered that she had a head for numbers, and began to take on more of the office accounting duties.


Eventually, she found herself in a dedicated position working for a tax administrator, and found herself just as capable as her coworkers who had been doing the same job for many more years. Emem transitioned to becoming a tax auditor for the Nigerian government, where she continued to work for the majority of the past 10 years.


A New Chapter.

After a lifetime in Nigeria, Emem, her husband, and their two children decided to move to Canada. She knew it would be a change, but wanted to try to find a career similar to what she left back home. She applied to work for the Canada Revenue Agency, but her interviews didn’t go well, and shortly after discovered she was pregnant.


Emem began to reevaluate her situation after the baby was born. She became inspired by mothers she followed on social media who had returned to the workforce. Her intellectual nature wouldn’t allow her to thrive if she stayed at home, she decided she would need an outlet and returned to the job hunt.


She came across a posting from CDI College for a financial administrator assistant. To Emem, it sounded like the perfect opportunity. She didn’t want anything too serious – she just wanted some work to keep her mind occupied – but the role quickly evolved and after a few months she was promoted. She credits a combination of timing, opportunity, and hard-work for the promotion.


A New Page.

In her new role as a financial administrator, Emem oversees four programs: Dental Receptionist, Computer Aided Design and Drafting Specialist, Education Assistant, and Web and Mobile Application Development. These programs represent more than 2000 students, each with a unique story.


Emem says the actual work isn’t that hard. After all she’s been working with accounts and finances for years. But, it’s the sheer volume of work that comes along with 2000 students that can make the job overwhelming. She’s thankful for her team to back her up.


The biggest challenge is when students run into financial trouble. Emem knows they’re human and that life isn’t always easy or happy. Regardless what’s happening, she’s there for the students, and provides encouragement whenever they need.


Not the End.

Emem recalled one student who was in despair and ready to drop out. Emem reminded them of why they were there, and what they would be sacrificing if they left the program or even changed halfway through. For her, it wasn’t about the school or the money, it was about what was best for the student. So far the student has stuck with the program, and Emem is hopeful for their future.


In the end, Emem relates to the students. She’s on her own journey of change and much like them she’s seen both ends of the spectrum, and it’s why she does things the way she does. She knows the students have a story that will continue, but she wants to do what she can to make sure her contribution is a positive one.



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