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Technology Transforms the Modern-Day Office

Monday, July 30, 2012

The modern-day professional's office may look entirely different from those their parents entered at the start of their careers. Instead of cubicles, they work in wide open rooms. Half of the company may not even report to the office, as they can complete their day-to-day tasks from the comfort of a coffee shop, their home office or on the road. The impact of technology on today's business realm has revolutionized the way employers design the workplace. One example of this is the online retail company, Zappos.

At the internet retail business, two of the top managers have no titles, according to The Times Colonist, and besides two in-house lawyers, not one employee has an office, including the CEO.

Instead of feeling the need to post family photos on the walls of a cubicle, professionals simply post them as "wallpaper" on a device that is typically never more than a few feet away from them: their smartphone, portable tablet or laptop.

Information technology (IT) professionals will surely see this change when they begin the search for their first jobs out of school. Students who enroll in networking training courses at CDI College can acquire certain IT skills that will provide them the opportunity to work in various locations and still get their assignments completed. To find out more information about the Network and Database Administrator program, fill out the form on the right.

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