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Technology Predicted to Be Central to the Workplace in the Future

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The future may be uncertain, but most believe that technology will continue to play a central role in it. The Chronicle Herald recently picked the brain of noted futurist Jim Carroll, whose prediction that jobs are "poised to change dramatically" could mean increased opportunities for tech-savvy, network-trained professionals in the future.

In the interview, Carroll made several bold predictions about the future of the workplace, claiming that "massive exponential growth in every single field of knowledge" will lead to the creation of new technologies and positions in the coming years.

"Science is evolving faster, there is more knowledge and things are speeding up," the Halifax native told the press. "In every sector, everybody is becoming a specialist, which sparks the emergence of new niche-oriented jobs."

Highlighting fields such as nanotechnology and genetic counseling among these new specializations, Carroll's claims suggest that education in the fine nuances of particular fields could become more important in the coming years. These claims are not without merit either, as fields such as healthcare and business, have grown increasingly reliant on advances in the IT sector over the past several decades.

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