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Tech Recruiters Look for Workers with Drive and Initiative

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Information technology (IT) professionals have known for some time that the IT sector is growing faster than most others across the nation. With this rapid growth comes an influx of students and new professionals entering the job market, creating an even greater amount of competition for each available position.

According to the Financial Post, job recruiters in the tech sector are looking for professionals who will take initiative. Students who spend their free time adjusting mobile apps, modifying computer software or taking apart electronic devices are the ones who naturally stand out against their competition. In addition to promoting leadership once they've landed their jobs, these individuals are also the ones who often go the extra mile during the job search process.

Ultimately, those who will succeed in tech careers are the professionals who do not view computer programming, networking and coding as work - computer science and technology is a passion for them. Waking up in the morning excited to tackle the day's assignments is a must for these professionals, and this quality typically emanates from them during job interviews.

Geoff Bagg, founder of Bagg Group, told The Post that one of the most essential factors of finding the right IT job is discovering a solid fit for both the employer and the new hire. Those who have a passion for IT can enroll in networking courses at CDI College and strengthen their skills before diving into the present job market. For more information about the Network and Database Administrator program, fill out the form on the right.

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