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Strong Cyber Security Is Crucial in Today's IT Workplace

Friday, August 17, 2012

In today's world, most older professionals are the only ones who take into cyber security into account, while younger Information Technology (IT) are much more concerned with tech savviness and up-to-date programming methods. The problem is, if they spend all of their time creating unique code and neglect to learn methods of maintaining computer security, they run the risk of losing all of their precious work by way of hackers.

A study recently released by Check Point Software Technologies demonstrates that these older individuals are the ones keeping tabs on cybersecurity, while only 31 percent of Generation Y participants ranked security as the most important factor to consider when making decisions about purchasing computer systems.

These results may be somewhat surprising to IT professionals, as the younger generation is the group that stores, displays and shares virtually all of their personal information online, whether through social media networks, personal shopping accounts or their own blogs.

Protecting smartphones has become a growing issue as well, because these pieces of technology are more difficult to monitor and protect than a traditional desktop computer or laptop. Because most professionals use their smartphones for work duties as well as personal needs, this matter has entered the hands of corporate leaders, who may be worried that their employees' work could be lost simply because of malware that contaminated an IT professional's cell phone.

Companies need IT professionals who can help them defend their networks from suspicious malware, hackers and the like. Many of these individuals might have skills in a variety of different IT fields, from computer programming and help desk analysis to web development and internet security. These types of workers are considered highly valuable to recruiters, as they can tend to multiple issues that fellow employees, clients and others face on a daily basis.

At CDI College, students can hone their skills as a computer support technician, help desk analyst or a network and internet security specialist, learning up-to-date knowledge about administering and securing networks using a variety of platforms. They will come out of the program with credentials that could potentially catch the eyes of many hiring managers in search of a valuable IT professional.

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