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Stay productive during busy accounting seasons

Friday, April 13, 2012

Accounting professionals can work long hours, particularly during tax season. During hectic periods, it's important to try and staying productive. Here are some techniques that can you help boost your energy, stay motivated and accomplish as much as possible.

One essential element to staying on task is to wake up at the same time every day - even on the weekends. On highly productive days, professionals can set their alarm clocks a tad earlier than usual to force them to start their to-do lists earlier.

Additionally, writing things down can help people better complete their duties. Visualizing each task makes it harder for a person to avoid or ignore, making them more likely to complete their priorities. Plus, crossing each item off the list can give a person a sense of accomplishment and finality.

One factor that can greatly change the feeling of a person's day is fitting in a workout - even if it's only 20 minutes long. Energy levels will increase, ultimately decreasing the afternoon sluggishness that hits many workers in various industries. A brisk walk around the block outside of a person's office can help increase heart rates and allow people to take their eyes off their computers for a period of time.

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