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Practical Nurses Must Keep Their Cool

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Speaking poorly of a coworker in front of colleagues and discussing personal or inappropriate topics on the job are prime examples of unprofessional behavior. While it may be difficult to deal with pressures at work at times, it is vital that employees, particularly in healthcare, keep their cool when working with patients and colleagues.

One way to prevent personal stresses from taking over is to put away cell phones and other mobile devices during the busy work day. By practicing this behavior, practical nurses will pay less attention to at-home issues and spend more time completing their daily responsibilities and caring for their patients.

In situations where tempers run high, a professional can prevent an overreaction by stepping away and taking some time to cool down. A short walk or a break may provide clarity and a solution to the issue at hand.

As a practical nurse, some of the most important qualities are patience and a cool, calm and collected demeanor. Those who believe they possess these strengths can enroll in the Practical Nursing program at CDI College. For more information, fill out the form on the right.

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