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New Website Helps IT Professionals Connect

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kovasys IT Recruitment recently launched a new social networking site,, to create a place for IT professionals to share news, common industry problems and the latest job opportunities in their surrounding regions. Young professionals who are hoping for a future in IT can take advantage of the site to connect with colleagues and hiring managers.

"As a general rule, good professionals in the information technology field only look for a job a few times over the course of their career," Kovasys director of operations Alex Kovalenko said. "Learning about potential job opportunities through [a] social networking site such as can help IT professionals make the most of their career decisions."

Anyone with a passion for the digital realm can contribute to the site by posting their questions, answers or insider information about upcoming workshops and other industry events. Students who are currently enrolled or are thinking about going to school for an education in networking training can use the site to bring their classroom questions to a larger collection of experts in the field and then present their findings to the CDI College classroom.

Students who have a passion for IT can make the most of their careers by using helpful sites like and investing in a valuable education. For more information on technology programs at CDI College like Computer Support Technician and Network Systems Engineer, fill out the form on the right.

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