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New Plan Could See the Government Funding Networking Jobs

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

With advances in modern technology, establishing a strong network is integral to the growth of small- and medium-sized businesses. In an effort to help these enterprises develop these essential resources, the Canadian government has announced a new program that will provide financial assistance to small business owners hoping to upgrade their technology.

These grants, which will be drawn from an $80 million federal investment fund, will be made available to up to 600 companies across the nation over the next three years, according to the Edmonton Journal. The money comes courtesy of the Industrial Research Assistance Program, and needy companies could receive as much as $99,999.

"The new program will help more than 600 small- and medium-sized enterprises integrate innovative technologies into their businesses and create jobs and economic growth," Industry Minister Christian Paradis told the Journal.

While much of these grants will go towards new equipment and hardware, students enrolled in network administrator courses will also benefit from the program, as the funding will also allow businesses to hire more programming and networking professionals to maintain these new devices.

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