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New "Appliance" Synchronizes Company Tech Devices

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Information technology companies are some of the fastest growing businesses in the business sphere today, creating demand for new software, hardware and workers to continue its success. As the emergence of new technological devices continues, IT departments may have a more difficult time synchronizing all of their equipment. Luckily for business leaders, a new management appliance has made its way onto the market to help organize all of their tech needs.

Like a toaster, the physical or virtual box, released by Dell KACE, is simply plugged in and performs tasks and manages a company’s devices with little or no user intervention. This method can be highly beneficial for companies with bases across the province and workers who report from remote areas.

To make the system as simple as possible, the hardware also has a social component: the community site The space acts as a networking hub as well as a central source of information.

Students entering the IT sphere can get accustomed to this rising trend and use the knowledge to gain a competitive edge when they enter the workforce. Before applying to jobs, aspiring techies should enroll in networking training courses at CDI College to hone their skills and gain some practice in the field. For more information, fill out the form on the right.

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