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Mental Health Round Table: A Crucial Step Towards a Healthy Community

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

On January 24th, our Calgary North campus sent representatives to attend the Punjabi Community Health Services round table on mental health.


The talk, centered on the prevalence of social issues such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, and drug abuse, highlights the need for greater awareness and understanding of these issues. Attending events that focus on tackling these issues is an important step towards creating a healthier community


With professionals from various fields the goal was to promote awareness and understanding of various social issues. It was an important event for CDI College to attend, since many issues are covered in our addiction and community services, and child and youth services worker programs. These programs equip students with professional knowledge and skills to tackle various social issues, providing them with the tools needed to tackle some of the underlying causes of mental health issues in their communities.


One of the most significant takeaways from the discussion was the reluctance of people to speak out about their problems. Language barriers and family pressure can make it difficult for people to seek help, and they often fear being judged. The stigma associated with mental health issues can prevent people from seeking help, and mainstream institutions can be intimidating, making it difficult for people to approach them. Therefore, creating safe spaces where individuals can share their problems without fear of being judged or ridiculed is crucial.


Also on the agenda was discussing mental health awareness specifically in the Punjabi community. Women are particularly vulnerable to violence and abuse, and having resources and support available in their language can make a significant difference. Mental health awareness can break down barriers and help individuals seek help and support without any fear of being judged. This can lead to the provision of more tailored support within the Punjabi community, providing a safer environment for individuals who are going through difficult times.


By attending events like these, CDI College and it’s staff can gain a better understanding of the challenges that people face and learn how they can help those in need. It also allows us to better connect others who are committed to making a positive difference in their communities.


Our attendance was important as colleges and universities can integrate the knowledge and skills gained from these events into their curriculum, enabling students to develop a better understanding of social issues and learn how to deal with them effectively. This can help to produce a new generation of professionals who are equipped to deal with the challenges of a changing society, making it more compassionate, inclusive, and just.


Moreover, attending events like these can provide organizations with opportunities to network, forming partnerships that can help to enhance the impact of their work. This can result in greater collaboration, more effective strategies, and better outcomes for those who are most in need.


Events that focus on social issues is crucial in today's society. These events help to promote awareness, understanding, and action towards creating a more just and compassionate society. The reluctance of people to speak out about their problems can be overcome by creating safe spaces where individuals can share their problems and seek help without fear of being judged or ridiculed. Mental health awareness, coupled with the availability of resources in people's language, can make a significant difference in the lives of those who are most in need.

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