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Medical Office Assistant: Integral Role in Healthcare

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Delivering top-notch healthcare requires 100 percent devotion from every person involved, including medical office assistants. These professionals can work in doctors' offices, medical clinics, hospitals and government health agencies, and in each environment, are crucial players in delivering care, communicating with patients and keeping medical documents organized. While no two days may be the same, these workers practice a regular routine of dealing with a number of various departments to maintain order and a smoothly run office on a daily basis.

Patient Care
No matter what type of office a medical office assistant works in, one of the priorities of their job is developing relationships with patients and their families. From the time individuals walk through the office doors to the time they leave, medical office assistants should make sure that patients are comfortable and at ease. Because these professionals are often the first people that a patient sees during their trip to the doctor, it is important to maintain a calm demeanor and keep them at ease throughout the experience.

Stay Organized
Some of the regular tasks that a medical office assistant may be responsible for include handing out paperwork and delivering simple procedures like taking body mass index information and checking vital signs. The paperwork ensures that each patient's information is up-to-date and the assistant is typically responsible for entering this information as they receive it.

Get Involved in the Office
One of the reasons that many medical office assistants enjoy their work is that it allows them to interact with a number healthcare professionals. While their main priority is tending to patients, they also get to speak regularly with medical lab and radiology professionals when patients need these services. By expanding their network within the workplace beyond the front desk, they are making connections within the healthcare field and better establishing themselves within their careers.

Remain Calm
Another regular occurrence that medical office assistants will likely have to deal with is working with frustrated or difficult patients. The most important thing in this type of scenario is remaining courteous and calm. The number one priority is ensuring the office runs smoothly. By keeping their cool, they'll be able to cope with the difficulties and prioritize patient visits as well.

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