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Limited-Time Discounts are Brewing at Faebrew: Business of the Week

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

As we approach week two of Business of the Week, our focus is coffee – more specifically, Faebrew.


The name comes from “fae” for “faeries” and “brew” for brewing dream-like coffee, that is unique to the individual customer’s moods and expectations. All of Faebrew’s coffee is manually brewed black, so the quality of the coffee can truly be appreciated. Located in Richmond, BC, Faebrew was created to offer a truly unique dine-in experience with high-grade coffee, warm greetings, and a coffee “bar” atmosphere (simulating a cocktail bar) with table seating and full-service.


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Faebrew’s business model, as they are primarily dine-in, so Faebrew owner, Vincent Wong, began his own coffee roasting business and has started to sell wholesale coffee of his custom brew under another company, Tales Coffee. The emphasis of this retail brand is that every coffee tells a story. Through Faebrew and Tales Coffee, the goal is to create an elevated experience for coffee drinkers and elicit new conversations. “It only takes a conversation to create a moment,” says Faebrew.


As a limited-time offer, and in partnership with CDI College, Faebrew is offering a 20% discount on all brewed coffees with the discount code: #Faebrew&CDI.


As CDI College’s featured business of the week, a number of other prizes will be available such as gift cards and free bags of coffee. Make sure to tune in to our on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages to stay up to date on contests! Use the hashtag #CDISupportsLocal to join in the conversation and come on this journey to support local businesses across Canada.


CDI College students: Get in on this caffeine rush and feel free to share your coffee experiences with your fellow classmates, friends, and family. The fun is just beginning to brew!

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