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Let's Get Vaccinated This Week: Remedy'sRX Pharmacies

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

A full-service travel and vaccine clinic with TB testing and compounding capabilities – with locations in New Brighton, Douglasglen, Paramount, Midtown, Abbeydale, and Vista – Remedy’sRX is a family owned and operated pharmacy and vaccine clinic that was greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


While many people in healthcare were deemed essential and had an abundance of hours and staffing needs, many independent pharmacies and vaccine clinics did not receive the same demand as some of the big-box retail stores. Even as the largest vaccine provider in Calgary, with six separate locations, Remedy’sRX still suffered great revenue loss.


This family business – founded by Dr. Ibrahim Khan, his wife Nasima, and his brother Nadim – discovered that fewer doctors on staff meant fewer prescriptions to fill for their customers. In addition, less people required travel vaccinations and other medications, as not as many people were getting viruses and colds with the mandatory stay-at-home orders.


In order to help their sales and revenue, they began offering home deliveries and applying for additional prescribing authorizations. The community in Calgary was also very cooperative and welcoming of these new business developments, as they were looking to receive mediations without leaving their homes.


At CDI College, we are delighted to spread the good word of Remedy’sRX and all they do in the community in Calgary, including supporting our Pharmacy Assistant students with practicum placements and other services for faculty members. For a limited time only, and in partnership with CDI College, Remedy’sRX is offering a community-wide discount for vaccines and testing services: use CDIVAX to get 15% off your next appointment.

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Now, let’s get vaccinated and keep our communities safe and healthy!

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