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Learn the Unpredictable Routine of a Computer Support Technician

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Computer support technicians are not just important in the workplace - they are essential. These valuable employees provide assistance with a number of services, either in-house to coworkers or to customers that they serve. Whether they are responsible for keeping computer systems running smoothly company- or consumer-wide, their days are often busy from the start. Here is an example of the types of tasks that computer support workers can expect to accomplish on a daily basis.

Unpredictable Environment
While they may come into work with a particular agenda in mind, a computer support tech's day can often be completely different than they imagined. Sometimes, only one worker may need assistance hooking up the office printer to their specific network, and other times, the information technology (IT) employee may be responsible for reconnecting the entire office back to a solid internet connection. While they may have a permanent spot in the office, they are often on their feet throughout the day, tending to workplace issues and solving minor problems to help maintain a smoothly run facility.

Customer Visits
Other technicians might have to take trips to a variety of offices and install new hardware or software to every network system. This type of day may seem more routine, as they are simply renovating existing computer technology or replacing it with pieces that will work more efficiently for the users.

Dealing with computer malfunctions often creates a great deal of stress for staff who rely on IT to carry out their daily duties. This means that the technicians dealing with the IT matter should keep their cool at all times. By remaining calm, they can better solve tech problems in a timely manner, so  workers barely notice when a system has gone down.

Customer Service Skills
Many problems that computer support technicians have to solve involve discussions over the phone, which can be tough, especially when the worker cannot see the computer or device with the present issue. One of the best ways to tend to these problems is by asking the customer to walk them through each step, so that neither side misses any step in the problem solving process. 

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