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IT Skills: Crucial in Any Job Sector

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Across the country, schools are changing their curriculum to reflect the rapidly evolving trends of today's environment, particularly in the technology sector. Only a few years ago, majors like journalism, business administration or even nursing did not have an information technology (IT) emphasis, but today, skills in networking and computer science are needed in virtually every field. Feeling comfortable working with computers and various types of software is a strong skill that stands out on any worker's resume, whether pursuing a future in healthcare, business or, of course, IT.

Because of the needs of today's job market, training in IT is something adults can pick up through college programs like those at CDI College. Students who wish to earn an income while enrolled in school can choose a program that allows them to balance both commitments at the same time.

Relevant Education
Joe Issid, a contributing writer at Monster Canada and founder-in-chief of The Scrib, wrote that candidate searches should start with a review of the applicant's education history. Acting as the foundation of their professional capabilities, a student's education can indicate to managers how much additional training a worker may need if they do come on-board as part of the company team.

IT training is an area that professionals often need some expertise in, especially because most businesses have proprietary software and hardware systems that they use company wide. As a result, young adults should remember to list their computer program proficiencies on their resumes so that recruiters can easily take note of where they might excel in the workplace, or where they may need more training.

Practicum Experience
Students should take advantage of the experience they receive outside the classroom, especially if their program includes a practicum placement. Typically, their company supervisor will have a set schedule of tasks and duties for these students to fulfill, but it is up to the individual to take on as many extra assignments as possible. This is the place where they can feed their curiosity and learn about new software systems that could potentially be useful in future positions.

Regardless of a student's career field, the need for IT knowledge is crucial. Students who want to strengthen their skills in technology can enroll in networking training courses at CDI College. For more information, fill out the form on the right.

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