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IT Jobs Are Great For Working Moms

Friday, November 23, 2012

Mothers looking to get into the workforce face a big-time challenge. Not only do they have to prove they have the skills to land a highly sought-after job, but they also need to find employment that allows them to fulfill their role as a parent. Managing this work-life balance can be difficult, but it remains a necessary aspect that many mothers look for in a prospective position.

"Moms have to carefully balance work demands with home demands, and having a flexible schedule makes this balancing act less precarious," Katie Bardaro, a data analyst at an online salary database, said to Monster Career Advice. "The ability to work part-time during school hours, take time off to watch over a sick child or even work from home makes for a good work-life balance."

Among the best positions for parents are those revolving around technology. Many of these jobs allow for a flexible schedule, as well as the ability for workers to merge technical and creative thinking in innovative new ways.

Because the tech world is always in flux, constant education is needed to stay on top of new advancements and trends. Interested students should who have an affinity for technology should consider continuing their education with computer courses at a local college.

Web Developers
A web developer is one of the best positions for moms trying to break into the technology field. Professionals build and maintain websites customized for a client's needs, working on everything from the application programming to even, in some cases, design and layout. While clients typically provide the deadlines, workers themselves are able to form their own schedules and have a level of creative freedom when it comes to design.

IT Workers
Learning the basics of web design can also help professionals land a job in the world of information technology, or IT. Many IT jobs available today require job applicants to have strong communication and professional skills in addition to computer knowledge. These opportunities allow for working mothers to cater their work to a unique schedule, as IT workers are often needed around  the clock, while at the same time becoming qualified to work for a variety of different companies or individuals who need their own tech support.

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