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IT Industry Doing More to Attract Promising Graduates

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Information technologies are an integral part of nearly every business around, and the industry is hoping to attract the next wave of tech professionals to fill future job occupancies.  Companies across the country are launching a series of endeavors that hope to entice students to enroll in networking and programming courses.

From incentive programs to larger salaries, companies around the world are reinvesting in their IT infrastructure as a means of cutting costs while increasing their mobility.

IT departments worry that if they do not continue to draw the best and brightest to the field, companies could fall behind the curve.

"When we don't have enough talented IT workers, many enterprises hesitate to launch and trial projects with the latest technologies, or they simply outsource the deployment overseas," Keith Chan, an IT educator told ITWorld Canada. "The local labour force then loses an opportunity to gain experience in these technologies, reducing the overall quality among local IT professionals and further hindering industry growth."

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