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Impress Accounting Recruiters With Strong Interview Skills

Monday, August 13, 2012

With just one tiny mistake during the interview process,candidates can lose the chance of landing their dream position. Whether they project too much confidence or come off as unprepared for the meeting, job seekers have a lot to keep in mind when they sit down for a job interview. It could be a major accounting firm or a small-sized business where they could get to know their team on a close level. Whichever job they may be pursuing, they can help themselves in an interview by keeping these points in mind.

Eyes on the prize

Just because candidates have multiple job interviews lined up doesn't mean they should share this information with their potential new boss. While it is important for professionals to let an employer know that they are keeping their options open, they should maintain their enthusiasm for the current position on the table and avoid discussing other opportunities.

Not the time for benefits chatter

While many job seekers are chomping at the bit to learn about benefits packages and vacation time, the job interview is not the appropriate setting to discuss these details. The number of weeks of holidays employees receive from their employers isn't relevant if the employer hasn't made a job offer yet. Once an offer has been made, candidates will have time to ask questions about benefits and vacation.

Pay attention

Some interviewers may not mind repeating themselves if a person misunderstood their question, but the key is to listen intently to everything the hiring manager says. Answering a question incorrectly could ultimately make or break an interview. If a candidate truly did not hear the question, they should make sure to ask the recruiter to repeat it so they can provide an appropriate answer.

Ultimately, the interview process is crucial for candidates to show employers exactly why they should hire them for the job. Applicants should always put their best foot forward and present themselves well, inside and out.

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