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How Women in Accounting Can Find Success

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Research studies from around the world have demonstrated that women feel that they face different challenges than men in the workplace. According to a study from the Mergis Group, one of the main reasons for these differences is that a significantly lower number of female mentors are available to young professionals in several fields of finance, including the accounting sector. While it may take a little more initiative and drive to find the right career path, experienced business women also shared in the survey that it is a satisfying and rewarding field to enter.

As a generally male-dominated industry, females in the accounting industry feel as though they have more to prove in the beginning of their careers. Organizations such as Women in Capital Markets have begun sprouting throughout the nation as ways to recognize female professionals who have broken through, advanced within and developed the industry for young women.

Essentially, the best way for women to thrive in the accounting world is to possess a strong sense of self, understand their core values and continue to expand their knowledge in the accounting sector to stay ahead of the competition.

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