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Giving Tuesday - Top Ways You Can Contribute to the Society

Monday, November 14, 2022

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world. This annual celebration of kindness has come a long way since its inception. Each year, a broad range of participants, from charities to small businesses, corporations, individuals, and families commit to the generosity and creating positive change.


Whether it is making someone smile, helping a stranger, or giving to those who need our help, every act of generosity counts and everyone has something to give. Individuals can join the official movement by picking their charity of choice from the website while charities, businesses, schools and other organizations can choose to become partners to make a difference.


Let’s Talk Numbers

Numbers can be a great catalyst to bring change. Here are some numbers from the Giving Tuesday movement* in Canada from 2021:


24 turkeys donated for families in need in Edmonton

800 ducks sponsored for wetland conservation

600 pounds of food donated to help the needy in Sault Ste, Marie

464 scouts participated in acts of kindness across Canada

51 puppies and dogs rescued in Collingwood

7 new prosthetic hands provided to amputees in need in Victoria

1.2 Billion media impressions made for Giving Tuesday across Canada


Here is how you can contribute towards the cause:


Cultivate Community Growth

Your contribution towards the cause of kindness can start with something as simple as empowering others around you. This can include using social platforms to encourage kindness, inspiring people around you to rally for their communities, working together to improve the neighbourhood, and more!


Impart Knowledge and Promote Learning

Knowledge is power. For many, the basic right to seek knowledge and learn is a dream. Non-profits and charities associated with Giving Tuesday around the globe are doing their best to impart skills to the underprivileged. If donating towards the cause is not a viable option, you can show your generosity by teaching a new skill to your friend, a family member, or a neighbour.


Take Action on Climate Change

The power of generosity can go a long way to solving problems. Being kind does not have to be restricted to humanity. You can choose to be kind to the environment and take action on climate change. From reducing your use of plastic to planting a tree, to volunteering for environmental organizations or even spreading awareness about proper recycling practices, there are numerous ways in which you can help tackle climate change.



Giving Tuesday is just one day, but generosity is a lifelong commitment to make our community a better place. This year, Giving Tuesday will be celebrated across the world on November 29, 2022.


To be a part of or find out more about the movement, you can visit to take part in Canada and to be part of the movement on a global scale.


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