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Getting Along with the Boss is the Key to Success

Monday, January 28, 2013

One of the best ways students can find success in their professional lives is maintaining strong and positive relationships with their supervisors. Bosses can vary greatly from one job to the next, micromanaging in some instances and hardly overseeing an employee's duties at all in another workplace. Sometimes personalities can mesh effortlessly, creating the perfect environment to be successful and move up through the organization. Other times, it can be a bit more difficult to get along with the boss, and for these workers, there are a few ways to help manage the relationship and ensure a smooth journey toward career advancement.

Watch Others' Interactions
Do some peers easily interact with the executive in charge? How do they communicate with the person? One of the easiest and best ways for workers to strengthen an otherwise weak relationship with their boss is to observe how others handle the relationship. Professionals can even ask their peers for input and discover whether their bosses have a preferred time of day to discuss work matters, or if they appreciate face-to-face communication over email interaction.

Offer Help
Some leaders do not like to seek help from others and tend to take on all of the responsibilities themselves, which can not only lead to more stress for them but complacent staff members. Workers can show their leadership abilities by offering to take on projects to lighten their boss' load and show them that they can be trusted to complete a task quickly and efficiently. This increased set of responsibilities can also prepare workers to move on to more established roles within the company because they may feel more comfortable taking on a diverse range of tasks.

Improve Your Own Work Ethics
In some cases, it might seem like the boss is the problem, but the root of the issue could be within the employee. Students who are just starting their careers should take every opportunity to improve their business behavior, such as how they communicate, manage their time or work with peers. By simply examining daily activity and making small tweaks, such as when they check their emails or schedule meetings, employees can drastically change how much they accomplish in one day and how their supervisors view them as valuable players to the team.

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