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Computers May Start to Recognize Their Users' Touch

Monday, July 9, 2012

Many internet security systems advise users to create passwords that are an intricate combination of letters, numbers and symbols to ensure that their personal information is secure. While this method is effective, it can also be nearly impossible to keep track of the number of complex passwords that today's technology world demands.

Keeping passwords distinct and varied for smartphones, email accounts, social media networks and bank accounts can ultimately create much confusion for the user and lead them to forget which password corresponds with each username. To solve this issue, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is developing a program that could give computers the ability to identify their users without the help of passwords, according to Canadian Business.

A 2007 study of internet users conducted by Microsoft Research shows that the average person possesses 25 accounts that require passwords but only 6.5 varied alphanumeric combinations. Because several websites share the same password, a person's security is in greater danger because multiple accounts could ultimately be compromised.

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