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Company Culture Can Make or Break Professionals' Job Decision

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Professionals spend an average of eight to nine hours in their workplace each day, often interacting with their coworkers on a regular basis more than friends or even family members. As a result, finding the right company match becomes one of the most important factors in leading a successful and happy career. Young adults searching for a start to careers in the oil and gas industry can keep certain thoughts in mind that will help them find the perfect cultural fit that aligns with their values, objectives and overall character.

Gauge the environment

It may seem trivial, but the scenery of a workplace can drastically alter a person's work productivity and overall satisfaction in the office. Many young adults consider their personal workspace like a second home, and the central lobbies and meeting rooms are areas that should spark creativity and innovative ideas in coworkers. When looking for a new job, business professionals should make sure to take a full tour of the office where they're interviewing to make sure that it's possible for them to reach a sense of comfort working there in the future.

Social butterfly or corporate conservative

Do various departments mingle together in the company lunchroom? Does the office host social functions throughout the year? While the social aspect of a company is not the only factor that a professional should take into account, it is a crucial component to determining the overall culture of a work environment. An organization that gets along and knows how to interact out of the confines of the business office can often be an incubator for strong partnerships and collaborative ideas among workers at all levels. By finding a company in which they can feel comfortable socially interacting with others, individuals may find that developing friendships at work is a strong possibility as their career progresses.

Who's the boss?

When professionals are interviewing for a position, they often meet more than one manager at the company. Many of these supervisors are individuals whom the candidate may potentially work for, and by meeting them, the experience can provide much insight on how their relationship could be with their potential boss. Does the person seem to lead meetings with authority? Are they open to listening to others' ideas? How do they interact with fellow colleagues who work at a variety of levels? All of these inquiries are thoughts that business workers can store in their minds as they sit down for the interview and decide for themselves if the particular company is right for them.

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