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CDI College Offers Full Scholarships to a Couple of Syrian Refugees

Thursday, December 22, 2016

QUEBEC, QC - December 22, 2016 - Janet Jiji, Nabih Sabeh and their two young children, Perla and Antonio, were among the first Syrian refugees who arrived in Quebec in December 2015. 

After a full year spent improving their French skills, Janet and Nabih now feel ready to make significant and positive contributions to the Canadian society by joining the workforce. 

Despite Janet's legal training in Syria and Nabih’s background in computer science, going back to school is an essential step in their process of integration into their new host society, so they can learn the working methods and specificities of Quebec. 

Having settled in Quebec City when they arrived last year, the couple chose CDI College to help them with their transition to the labour market. It was a natural choice since CDI College compassionately decided to award the couple two full scholarships. 

"We were deeply touched by the story of Janet and Nabih, including their incredible determination to start over from scratch in the hope of providing a better future for their children," said Andre Souza, Vice President of Operations at CDI College. "We didn’t think twice: starting a new life in a new country as refugees is no small task and we are pleased to help the integration process of this close-knit family." 

"Janet and Nabih are amazing," said Line Angrignon, director of the CDI College campus in Quebec City. "The quality of their French is particularly remarkable for people who arrived in Quebec just a year ago. These are people who had to flee their country because of the war that was raging in Syria and who show exceptional tenacity every day. I am absolutely certain that they will succeed." 

Janet started the Paralegal Technology- JCA.1F program on December 12th and Nabih, for his part, started his classes in the Network and Internet Security Specialist - LEA.AE program on December 21st. In just a few months, Janet can covet a job in a law firm or notary practice and Nabih can consider a career in networking. 

As a reminder, the province of Quebec has pledged to welcome 7,300 Syrian refugees before the end of 2016 in efforts to resolve the humanitarian crisis in Syria. Those who want to do their part can visit the official site of the Government of Quebec.

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