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CDI College Launches National Bursary Program for Afghan Refugees

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

With more than 40,000 Afghan refugees arriving in Canada over the next several months, CDI College is again stepping up to help support their successful settlement in Canada. CDI College has launched a specialized bursary program to help refugees obtain career vocational training, enter the Canadian workforce, and become financially independent.


The 25% tuition bursary program provides financial relief to refugees hoping to obtain or upgrade their education. This bursary will help cover costs of dozens of career diploma programs across 20+ campuses in Canada. Available to all refugees across Canada, the program will run until the end of 2022.


Jawed is one such refugee who hopes to build his life and career in Canada, and is one of the first recipients of the 25% tuition bursary. Jawed enrolled in the Web and Mobile Application Development at CDI College and has enjoyed the experience so far.

Six months ago, Jawed lived in Afghanistan with his wife and three children. Now, they call Calgary, Alberta home. They are some of the thousands of Afghan refugees that have arrived in Canada since last August.

 “I got admitted [to] the Web and Mobile Application Development program and I am looking forward to a career in [technology],” says Jawed. “There is a very good program of scholarships which helps you with your financial status.”

He also encourages other refugees to consider enrolling in their own program of choice, noting that an education is essential to securing a good job in Canada.

“CDI will help with employment as well, so I’m encouraging all the refugees who have come over here to…start studying over here with the wonderful staff and instructors.”

The support available goes beyond the curriculum of the classroom.  Refugees will have access to academic English classes prior to joining the career program, as well as specialized job placement and career services after graduation. CDI College has also ensured that refugees are aware of the provincial and federal funding that’s available to them, in addition to the scholarship program.

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