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CDI College Growth Story: Sourabh, Cybersecurity Instructor

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

What does it take for a student to succeed? Sourabh A. shares his personal experiences with us as a CDI College technology program instructor for the past two-plus years. It seems that the secret formula is as simple as a receptive student and the passion and dedication of the education team.


Passion for Cybersecurity

Sourabh has his Master of Cybersecurity degree and is currently pursuing a doctorate in management. On top of this, he’s in the process of starting his own business. He stays up to date on the latest industry news by reading articles from publishers like Gartner, CompTIA, and IT World Canada.

To Sourabh, a career in technology is vast and expansive because he’s not limited to an in-office job. He loves that, for the most part, IT professionals can just pick up a laptop and work from anywhere, himself included. 


Successful Cybersecurity Students

One of the most significant motivating factors for Sourabh is seeing his students transform in front of his eyes with his help. In his memory, two students solidified his passion for teaching.

The first student was a 78-year-old who was looking to get a career in cybersecurity. Sourabh had to re-evaluate his own biases about age, and soon was able to sit down and help his student handle all the study materials. Later, the student graduated and found a job in cybersecurity.

After that, Sourabh had a single mom of four enroll in his program. She had a hectic schedule and felt stressed about the amount of school work required of her. Sourabh patiently sat down with her and built a study plan on excel for the student to follow. She, too, was able to follow the plan to the tee, and graduated successfully and got a job.


Transitioning to Online Teaching

At first, the transition to online teaching was a bit challenging for Sourabh, but he’s since got the hang of it. He also really appreciates how his team works together to give his students the support that they need to succeed.

As an instructor, he loves to help his students relax by cracking a few jokes and incorporating gameplay into his teaching materials to help his students retain the course material. During his off-hours, he likes taking long walks.

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