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CDI College Growth Story: Nicki from Red Deer

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Nicki S, a Learning Centre Instructor and Career Services Coordinator at our Red Deer campus, was recommended to us by her Campus Director for this feature. Nicki brings a lot of energy and is an active part of her campus community.


A Love for Human Resources


Nicki decided to go into human resources because she believed she dreams of helping others see their self-worth and attain careers that draw out their best performance. She's glad to be in her role because she's passionate about helping people. She finds it rewarding to help her students from all backgrounds or walks of life learn the skills they need to succeed. "You know the saying, 'crack a nut, and it's a good day,'" Nicki said. Challenges certainly don't phase our intrepid instructor.


Day in the Life of a Learning Centre Instructor and Career Services Coordinator


As part of a cohort of new hires at her campus, Nicki genuinely appreciates her colleagues' comradery. A typical day can get busy for her, so she's been able to keep a healthy mental state of mind by developing good relationships with her team. Nicki would meet with students via Microsoft Teams from the different programs offered at her campus each day to keep them on track by ensuring everyone knows what was assigned to them that day. She would also spend time grading assignments for the courses she teaches in the Learning Centre. The courses could range from how to use Microsoft Office Suite to getting employment-ready. She would also book time to do follow-ups with practicum students to check on how they are doing.


Nicki got her degree through an online program as well. She tells us, "I could understand the frustration that the students experience when they come to a new school and starting online to begin with. So, getting rid of their worries and their concerns right off the bat and letting them know that it is possible. You just have to be patient and take accountability for yourself." It's important for her students to have the support that she offers.


A Different Perspective


Part of the reason Nicki can balance her course well for her diverse students is her love for travel. Travelling has helped her see how others live and appreciate what's at home. Most importantly, it helps her understand others better so that she could help them appropriately. As a matter of fact, her recent long-term plan to stay and travel in New Zealand was interrupted due to COVID-19. Having her travel plans cut short, she found her new role at CDI College Red Deer campus. We are fortunate to have her as a part of the team. We look forward to having Nicki take on more responsibilities as she takes on new programs to teach at her campus.


CDI College is continually growing, and we're glad to be able to share some of the exciting developments at our campuses. Stay tuned for monthly feature articles on our staff. In the meantime, if you are interested in a role at CDI College as an Employment Specialist, check out our Jobvite link.

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