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CDI College Growth Story: Johirul Islam, SSA

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

CDI College is dedicated to helping students excel in their careers. Johirul Islam, a student services administrator for the Law Enforcement Foundations (LEF) program, is a testament to that dedication.

Johirul’s work revolves around helping students who are enrolled in the LEF program. He understands their needs and ensures that they are well supported – from their first day of orientation, until the day they graduate. Daily communication with students allows Johirul to assist them in learning better.

While Johirul’s journey as a student service administrator at CDI College began just a few months ago, his passion to assist students dates back to his time in Sydney, Australia as a university student.

During his studies, he was a tutor and mentor for his peers and this instilled a passion to support students. His focus shifted from becoming an investment banker to working in the education industry and helping students fulfil their dreams. After the completion of his studies, Johirul had job offers from his university as well as an investment firm. He chose his passion to help students grow and advance in their careers over investment banking.

For Johirul, the happiness derived from aiding his students succeed triumphs over a job in the investment sector. He recounts the chance encounter with his old students in another province, away from the university. Their grateful nature and genuine compassion for Johirul's efforts warmed his heart. That feeling of satisfaction in helping others is what brings him back to work each day.

In Johirul’s words, “At the end of the day, it is not about what you get, but what you can provide to others.”

Challenging Aspects of Work:

A majority of Johirul’s work revolves around supporting students in their endeavours.

However, situations get challenging when students fail to recognize the need to seek help and reject feedback. He overcomes these challenges by being patient in his job to inspire students. Johirul understands that feedback works both ways and he is always open to suggestions and improvements suggested by his students.

Outside of work:

Being new to CDI College and the city of Calgary, Johirul is still adapting to his life here, but likes to keep himself busy. When not at work, he focuses his time on completing online courses from Harvard University and would like to be a part of the Salvation Army soon.

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