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CDI College Growth Story: Ahmed Ehsan, SFP

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

A financial administrator at CDI College, Ahmed Ehsan is a go-getter who firmly believes in the power of hard work and knowledge. His rise to the position of a financial administrator is commendable, considering how he has only been with CDI College for just over a year.

Ahmed has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and has worked on the accounting and finance teams of leading oil and gas industries in Canada.


The Pillars of Success

Ahmed’s journey with CDI College started off as a financial planner, and his role revolved around helping students with government funding processes and managing their finances.

Recently, he earned a promotion to the position of financial administrator. He credits this promotion to his commitment, dedication, and hard work. According to Ahmed, there are no shortcuts to success and people should aim to meet deadlines and give 100% in everything they do.


Passion for Finance

For Ahmed, finance and accounting have always been his passions. He finds happiness in consulting and helping students with their finances.

When asked about the source of his inspiration and passion to help others, Ahmed reflected back to his life as a student and how everyone had a hard time with managing their finances. This experience motivated him to dedicate his time and efforts into helping others.

As a financial administrator dealing with accounts receivable, he talked about having a more direct role in assisting students with their accounts and finances. We asked Ahmed for his opinion on the recipe to student success and according to him, team effort and good communication lay the foundation of student success at CDI College.


Overcoming Challenges

According to Ahmed, one of the biggest challenges students and employees face at CDI is the communication barrier. Sometimes, students are not able to express themselves in the way they want to, and this has an impact on their confidence. Students are often worried about managing their finances and this is where people like Ahmed come in to help.

As a financial administrator, Ahmed talks about his vision to build an open, two-way communication bridge between students and the college. His goal is to help students start off their journey on a positive note. As a supportive institution that prides itself in building and maintaining lifelong relationships with its alumni, the journey continues even after a student has graduated.


Lifelong Journey

Ahmed considers each day as new opportunity to learn and grow. His plans are to face new challenges and roles in the near future and give 100% towards each role. The way he sees it, challenges are there to help us grow and learn.

For Ahmed, the most rewarding part of his job is helping and assisting students. The value of education is immense for students as it helps them progress in professional settings and grow their personalities. Helping students with their personal and professional goals is what brings him back to work each morning.

Outside of work, Ahmed is a big fan of cricket, a sport that he has been playing since the age of seven. He draws parallels from this hobby and notes how it motivates him to be a better team player. It has also been influential in making him disciplined as a person.


If you get a chance to meet Ahmed, don’t forget to ask him about his cricket chronicles and chat about his love for everything finance!

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