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CDI College Expands National Bursary Program to Support All Refugees in Canada

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

In 2022, CDI College launched a specialized bursary program to help Afghan refugees obtain vocational training, enter the Canadian workforce, and become financially independent.  


We are thrilled to announce exciting changes to our National Bursary Program as of April 2024! The Bursary program is now open to all refugees in Canada. We aim to meet the varied needs of all refugees, demonstrating our dedication to offering them access to quality education, irrespective of their origin. 


Why CDI College Helps All Refugees Thrive 

While refugees often arrive with few resources, they bring a wealth of skills and experience and are eager to contribute to their new home. According to the UN, statistics show that refugees's integration into the workforce strengthens Canada's tax base. This highlights their valuable contribution to Canada's economic well-being.


How CDI College Helps Refugees to Bridge the Gap with Education 

The National Bursary Program now embraces all refugees in Canada. This means newcomers can restart their careers faster with bursary support available for every program CDI College offers nationwide. There are no program restrictions, opening doors to a world of possibilities.


Our bursary program continues to offer significant financial relief. Students can receive a 25% tuition bursary for on-campus programs and a 50% tuition bursary for fully online programs. This financial support aims to alleviate the burden of tuition costs and empower people to focus on their educational journey. 


Jawed is one such refugee who hoped to build his life and career in Canada and was among the first recipients of the 25% tuition bursary. Jawed enrolled in the Web and Mobile Application Development program at CDI College and enjoyed the experience. Today, he's found a fulfilling career and is helping people like him find theirs.


The support available goes beyond the curriculum of the classroom. Refugees will have access to academic English classes before joining the career program and specialized job placement and career services after graduation. CDI College has also ensured that refugees are aware of the provincial and federal funding available to them in addition to the bursary program. 


Join Refugees Like Jawed and Build Your Future in Canada!  

If you're a refugee seeking help to establish your feet in Canada, CDI College is here to support you! Explore our diverse programs on our website and discover how to apply for the National Bursary Program. Check your eligibility now.

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