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CDI College Best Education iPad Apps

Friday, September 9, 2011

Maximize your iPad learning experience with these helpful tools

Learning on your new iPad extends beyond your class notes and eTextbooks. In fact, iPad apps are the hottest tools for discovering new subjects or for organizing aspects of your school and social life. There are hundreds of apps available through Apple iTunes, but we’ve narrowed the list down to these top five iPad apps.

1. Things for iPad

Although it costs more than the average price of an app at $19.99 a download, Things for iPad may just be your life-saver. A task manager, day timer and scheduler all-in-one, the app provides a great tool for college students struggling to organize their assignments, readings, meetings, extracurricular activities and appointments by doing it all.


This free app with help you to quickly and accurately determine the word you're looking for and provide an explanation and description. Whether English is your Second Language or you are researching a new subject or topic, can is a simple and easy reference tool.

3. Read it Later

It happens all the time: either you spend hours researching the Internet or only have minutes to spare browsing news headlines. Either way, you’ll end up accumulating a number of webpages you want to view later. The Read it Later app allows students to add pages to their list of things to read later without having to add the pages to their official bookmark list.

4. Dropbox

This app is a necessity! Dropbox allows you to store all of your documents, files, photos, videos and presentations in a secure format online, and lets you access them from any of your linked computers, iPads and iPhones, as well as through the Dropbox website.

5. Penultimate

You don't have to be a pro at typing on an iPad with this app. Penultimate allows you to take notes or sketch by hand just as if the iPad was a pad of paper. The files can be saved on the iPad where you can choose different paper templates and designs. You can also share your handwritten pages with friends or classmates by giving them access to view your creations.

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