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Carving Out Time for Family Fun

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The holidays isn’t just about the big Christmas tree or giant turkey. During such a busy season, it’s hard to make time to spend with your family and friends until the day of. Instead of waiting until December 25, here are some activities you can do together throughout the winter.

The Cold War
There’s one thing Canada isn’t lacking in and that’s snow. To prepare for an epic snowball fight, carve out some time to plan ahead (if that’s your thing) and render a few designs about your ideal snow fort. Make sure it’s strong and steady and if you can manage, allow for a few small windows here and there. It would be wise to create a batch of snowballs behind your fort before beginning. It would be reckless to pick a fight without any ammo.

Light Houses
You can look up what light festivals are happening in your area but why line up for it? If you’re looking for a less crowded and quieter experience, take a stroll along your street (or one nearby) and admire your neighbours’ handiwork. This is also a more convenient option for families with small children since they are close to home and can head back if the kids get sleepy.

Kneading Warmth
Instead of buying cookies for Santa this year, why not make them? Whether it’s a secret family recipe or a new one you’ve been itching to try, the holidays are a great time to pass on these traditions. And why not spread the warmth a little further? Bake a little extra and share them with your neighbours, classmates, coworkers, or even a stranger!

For Mom and Pop
Vendors pull out all the stops during the holidays so these markets are often worth the trip. Christmas markets usually feature more local shops, which means you can usually find handcrafted or one-of-a-kind items or rare treats at the stalls.

It’s a Draw
Head over to the crafts store and pick up a few supplies like glitter, ribbons, felt, or maybe even some googly eyes! Instead of decorating your own stockings, ask your children or family members to swap and decorate each other’s. Can’t settle on who gets who? Pick from a hat!

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